New HumanThinking in an AI World

Embrace New HumanThinking in an AI-driven world, nurture Big Ideas to disrupt the status quo, bridge visionary thinking with practical execution through Horizon Thinking, and Dare To Disrupt; to navigate change courageously. Communicate change effectively, foster genuine collaboration, harness Advantage Thinking for innovation, and find leadership courage amidst challenges. Whether you’re a board member, CEO, or executive, we’re here to guide your transformation journey.

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Mastering Abstract Reasoning and Creativity

The next generation of societal innovation calls for a new type of leader with a tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to adapt quickly to maintain alignment with a vision. Innovation managers will be replaced by Mission Managers who focus on achieving a long term vision for change - in the fast evolving world of AI, no-one really know what the final job description for this role entails - but we know that people, mission, culture and vision management will be extremely valuable skills when AI can repeat tasks more reliably than people.

Structured Innovation can work with Boards, CEOs and Executives to start reimagining the personnel capability their organization will need to maintain success tomorrow.

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We can help you generate Big Ideas

Unlocking Imagination and Resilience

Big Ideas require more than data; they require imagination, abstract thinking, emotional connections, creativity and unwavering resilience. They require human skills, courage and exceptional communication skills.

We work with your team to think big, break out of “committed thinking” and bring forward innovation and competitive advantage.

All great ideas need landing gear

We work with your team to move their big ideas out of the blue sky and into actionable deployment strategies. Structured Innovation can work with your team to develop actionable investment proposals, options papers, board presentations and business plans.

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Horizon Thinking

Bridging Vision with Practicality

Great ideas need to land safely. We can work with you and your team to translate visionary strategies into actionable tasks that ensure a smooth transition from soaring vision to executable actions and deliver tangible results.

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We can help you Dare To Disrupt before you get disrupted

Navigating Change with Courage

When is success the biggest weakness in your business? When it leads to complacency and inertia. “We’ve always done it this way - We’ve been successful doing it this way for years - it’s the way we do things here”. Are they the kinds of things people at Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia, Blackberry and many other successful companies told themselves before they were disrupted?

Disruption offers immense value, yet fear often impedes progress. We show you how to navigate inertia, challenge power bases, embrace change and have courageous conversations,

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We can help you communicate when Inspiring Change

Communicating the “why” for Transformation reduces risk and increases the velocity of change

Internal and External communications during a change process is not a “one shot deal” but rather a constant and incremental discipline that needs to be tailored to different stakeholder groups.

Structured Innovation can help you to craft your communications strategy, timing, messaging, modes of communication. We can work with your existing communications team or we can assemble a communications team for you.

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Collaboration - beyond the buzzword

“If you want to travel fast - travel alone. If you want to travel far - travel together” African Proverb

True collaboration is an art. Our approach guides you in forging valuable connections, alliances, and consortia based on trust and shared goals, enhancing your capacity for collective success.

We can work with your team to build collaborations that add value to your business, your project or your innovation.

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Use Advantage Thinking to go beyond Problem Solving

Imagining Trust and Value Creation

When we start with the phrase “At our best…” where does the story go and what does the data show?

Structured Innovation can work with your team to harness the power of Advantage Thinking when innovating.

Advantage Thinking shifts the team focus from simply mitigating downsides through problem solving to imagining and creating advantage for stakeholders through solution creation. It dares to trust and envisions a future where everyone benefits.

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Finding Leadership Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Structured Innovation provides mentoring support for senior leaders who are navigating challenging times.

Oftentimes leaders can become paralyzed by resource constraints, previous mistakes, lack of personnel capability or inexperience. We can help support Boards, CEO’s and Executives to navigate complex and sometimes confronting decisions.

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