Excellence in leadership thinking.

If you focus on success you will have stress. If you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed.

Deepak Chopra

In today's dynamic technology driven landscape having people who are the best thinkers and communicators is not optional - it is business critical.

Structured Innovation provides advisory, contract and mentoring support for Boards and Executives aiming to develop excellence in THINKING, CULTURE, COMMUNICATION, GOVERNANCE, LEADERSHIP, and STRATEGY.

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What our clients say

Paul instills curiosity. His style is highly provocative - in the most positive way - through questioning and encouraging the exploration of root causes to challenges, whether that be in bold systems thinking to challenges along a personal growth journey. Through working with Paul I understand my style, and can be far more deliberate in my efforts. I have also begun to understand my levels of influence and how to project bold concepts for social change. Paul has a depth of knowledge and empathy for social challenges, with a strong background in generating economic return. For organizations looking to enhance their impact and balance sheet - I highly recommend the guidance of Structured Innovation.

Liz O’Connell - CEO - Kindship Pty Ltd

I have been working with Paul for the last 2 years and continue to learn and grow under his guidance. Having a sounding board for strategic thinking is critical in a CEO role and I have been able to leverage Pauls years of experience and intellect to really test my thoughts. Paul equally cares about those that he is supporting and there are numerous check-ins between sessions. For those that want to set themselves up for success, Paul is someone you need in your corner.

Todd Roberts - CEO - Credit Union SA

Working with Paul as a mentoring CEO is always an expansive exchange, whereby the benefit of sharp, commercial experience is tempered by an intellectual curiosity that constantly prompts and provokes new insight. The approach is informed, unfettered by convention, and always looking to incorporate relevant contemporary ideas and perspectives. At the centre of Paul’s philosophy is a profound respect for governance, and a guiding belief that accountability is a welcome privilege to be embraced.

Paul Henry - Chairman and Company Director - Vinomofo Limited, Winehero Pty Ltd

Over the past five years Paul has been a trusted mentor and confidant to me in my CEO career. Paul’s wisdom, intellect and insights have been incredibly helpful and I have learnt so much. He creates a safe and inclusive environment and challenges my thinking. He is always up to date with the latest developments and has been a fantastic sounding board.

Mohammad Al-Khafaji - CEO - FECCA

I can think of endless occasions where Paul has demonstrated the behaviours he encourages - from holding discomfort in a room of leaders to instill space for diverse views, to creating safety for authentic and transparent feedback both in giving and receiving. Paul's mentoring enabled me to step through the discomfort of using my voice and embracing my journey as an executive leader. The cloud of imposter syndrome can be dark, and Paul's mentoring creates light with a mix of firm expectation, gentle pushes to live up to my own expectations, and safety to reflect on steps taken or avoided. In time with Paul I am always learning and growing.

Liz O’Connell - CEO - Kindship Pty Ltd

Having access to Paul’s knowledge and experience on navigating the challenges of executive management and governance has been invaluable. Paul listens astutely and offers contemporary insights that are immediately applicable to achieving strategic goals

James Meldrum - Head of Engagement - Early Start Australia

Paul has worked with a number of my executive teams and his ability to quickly understand the temperature of the room and deliver insightful coaching is quite incredible. Paul is an absolute pro who leaves his audience wiser and feeling understood.

Philip Paysden - GM - Generation Health
Service spotlight:

CEO as a Service

Founders, CEOs and Board Chairs sometimes need to speak with an experienced CEO during a time of change.

Having fast access to an experienced CEO is a huge advantage for your business.

Whether you need immediate support during a growth or transformation phase, or support during a crisis, or you need extra support to cover leave, there are so many reasons for having CEO expertise and experience on call, at your service.

CEO As A Service provides vital support during a change of leadership, or during the transition phase from one generation to another, or in setting up or managing a Board and board dynamics.

CEO As A Service can provide experienced guidance, mentoring and leadership to grow the business whilst it transitions from SME to large enterprise.

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Why Structured Innovation?

We don't just know organizational excellence academically - we've done it (multiple times).

Our experience in leading the evaluation and redesign of business structures for the future is based on having done it, successfully, demonstrably and with great cultural alignment with your organization.

We get the importance of culture. We know that culture is NOT what you say it is - it’s what people see rewarded.

We know the acquisition and development of elite talent and capability has no point without great culture and we know great culture comes from authentic, thoughtful, intelligent and genuinely caring leadership.

Structured Innovation Pty Ltd believes in the power of kind and empathic leadership, with great expectations.

We are tough on issues and gentle on people. We believe that what you say and how you say it matters. We value intellect and emotional intelligence.

We love spirited, open discourse in teams and believe that dysfunction in organizations appears polite.

We think that when people in a great culture feel safe, they speak out, they think out, they experiment, they push and they say what they mean.

And that's inspiring!

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Our Partners

Structured Innovation works with people and companies who are experts in their field.

Where our clients want support for specialist work we are happy to recommend the people we would use ourselves.