Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Founder Support

Whether you’re a founder facing the challenges of growth, an innovation team seeking effective solutions, or an entrepreneur with a vision, we’re here to guide you. Our CEO as a Service offers personalized support during critical growth phases, ensuring your business maintains its essence while scaling. For innovation teams, we balance problem-solving and solution creation, crafting compelling business cases through expert analysis. With a history of working with entrepreneurs, including our founder Paul Edginton, an acclaimed entrepreneur himself, we’re committed to transforming your ideas into thriving businesses. Contact us to navigate growth, turn ideas into impact, and transform your vision into reality.

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Assisting Founders as the Organization Grows and Changes

The Structured Innovation team have been business owners, founders and CEOs themselves. We know that success can sometimes also be the enemy.

A successful organization, a fast growing organization, or a recently acquired organization goes through rapid changes in culture, capacity and expectation.

Founders can quickly find themselves in a role they never set out to be in. They find themselves leading a business that requires management skills and detail and regulation that holds little interest to them - and often gets in the way of the success of the business.

Our CEO as a Service can walk alongside a founder whilst they navigate these challenging growth periods. We can work with the Founder as much or as little as they need to ensure the business builds the governance and structure it needs, builds the capacity of its workforce and builds the processes it needs to maintain scale and growth.

We can assist the integration of newly acquired businesses and scaling business ideas within an existing entity.

If you’re a Founder call us for an initial discussion - we love business and innovation so we’d love to help make sure your vision keeps scaling without losing its soul.

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Assisting Innovation Teams: Solution Creation, Gap Analysis, Design Thinking and Sharing the Vision

Problem Solving is half the work - solution creation is the other half.

Many innovation teams are given the task of presenting their proposals to Boards, Investors and CEOs - they are asked to identify the problem they solve, the size of the problem and the size of the opportunity. Much of the focus of innovation goes into either blue sky thinking or downside amelioration but can often struggle to balance the two into a cohesive Innovation Strategy.

We support Innovation Teams to balance Opportunity Gap analysis, with Performance Gap Analysis and to balance the disciplines of Problem-Solving and Solution Creation to develop truly compelling business case.

Structured Innovation are experts at Future-Casting & Story-Casting supporting teams to Articulate vision island strategy and to communicate a compelling narrative that engages stakeholders and drives alignment.

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Assisting Entrepreneurs

Structured Innovation has worked with entrepreneurs since 1999. Our founder, Paul Edginton was the 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year National Finalist and winner of the Central Region Award for Social Entrepreneur of the Year. He has been a judge for the Telstra Business Awards, a member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board in SA and is an investor and professional company director.

Paul loves working with entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into fantastic businesses.

Contact Structured Innovation to book a coffee meeting with Paul to see how he can help you take your idea to the world.

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