Corporate GOVERNANCE and Board Performance

From tailored mentoring for chairs, founders, and board members to optimizing board performance evaluations, we guide you in establishing strong corporate governance practices. Maximize the impact of your board meetings with specialized support, build effective boards through strategic reviews, and plan for seamless leadership transitions. Our chair support services provide confidential guidance, while keynote speaking engagements infuse inspiration into your organization.

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Experienced Peer Mentors

Mentoring for Chairs, Founders & Board Members

Leverage the expertise of seasoned peers to gain valuable insights and guidance. Our mentoring program connects chairs, founders, and board members with experienced mentors who provide tailored advice, helping you navigate complex board dynamics and excel in your leadership roles.

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Measuring Up

Board Performance Evaluation

Enhance board effectiveness with our comprehensive board performance evaluation. We assess key performance metrics, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to optimize board performance.

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Make The Most Of Meetings

Board Meeting Support

Getting board meetings right is crucial to the success of any organization.

It is important that the right amount of time is given to the right kinds of topics and that the quality of talk among Board and Executive is at the level needed for excellent governance and leadership.

Maximize the value of your board meetings with our specialized support services. From agenda formulation, board report improvement, to facilitation, we ensure that your meetings are productive, engaging, and aligned with strategic objectives.

Sometimes board meetings are collegiate, among people who like each other, but are politely dysfunctional. We can assist your organization to get the right conversations happening.

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Getting It Correct

Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance is the foundation of sustainable success. Our experience in good corporate governance practice can guide your organization in establishing robust structures, policies, and practices that promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior.

We can assist not just in the conduct of the board meeting but the preparation for meetings, getting the papers right, getting the reports right and getting the agenda and minutes right.

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The Right Team

Reviewing the team on Board

Building a high-performing board requires more than just a strategic approach.

Having every board member able to describe the vision, mission and strategy of the business is crucial. Having the right mix of skills, personalities, domain expertise and motivations aids optimal board performance. Our Board Review service assesses the composition, skills, and dynamics of your board, guiding you in selecting the right mix of expertise to drive your organization forward.

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Sounding Board

Chair Support Services

Chairs play a pivotal role in guiding boards and organizations. The dynamic between CEO and Chair is the most influential relationship. At times the Chair will need to steer the board through challenging discussions and decisions.

Our Chair Support Services provide a confidential space for chairs to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and develop effective strategies, enhancing their leadership impact.

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Who’s Up Next?

Succession Planning

Planning for different personnel scenarios is an essential role for Boards. Identifying key roles, key personnel and key stakeholder relationships is a continuously evolving component of corporate governance. Building strategies to manage the transition of key roles is essential. Structured Innovation can assist CEOs and boards with our succession planning services. We work with boards and founders to identify and develop potential successors, safeguarding the continuity and growth of your organization.

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Inspire Me

Keynote Speaking

Our Keynote Speaking engagements infuse energy and inspiration into your board and organization. Our impactful speakers share thought-provoking insights, sparking innovation, and igniting passion for achieving excellence.

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