Board and Executive Development

Elevate your leadership, empower your team, and drive strategic success. Our CEO Mentoring & Support program offers insights from seasoned executives to guide your decision-making and business growth. With ‘CEO as a Service,’ access on-demand expertise to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve excellence. Enhance executive capabilities through our tailored Executive Mentoring & Support program. Craft winning strategies and build strategic capacity with our collaboration, translating ideas into actionable success. Optimize board interactions, foster team development, and strike the right balance between innovation and preservation. Inspire your team with our impactful Keynote Speaking engagements.

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Mentoring - Wise Counsel

CEO Mentoring & Support

Our CEO Mentoring & Support program provides you with invaluable insights, guidance, and support from experienced executives who have successfully navigated the complexities of the corporate world. We act as your trusted advisor, offering a wealth of knowledge and helping you make strategic decisions to drive your business forward. Structured Innovation Mentors can help brainstorm, soundboard, strategize or simply sense check the complex challenges of Executive life.

We can help you with ad hoc Coaching, regular monthly check-ins, half day whiteboard think-smash, business planning, personnel development and a range of support from highly experienced executives who’ve been in your shoes.

We can assess the culture of your organization and the culture of your leadership and provide constructive advice on how to preserve what is great and improve what could be better.

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An Extra Ceo When I Need It

CEO as a service for Founders & CEOs

As a founder or CEO, you don’t have to tackle challenges alone. Our “CEO as a Service” ensures that you have access to on-demand expertise and assistance whenever you need it.

We are your reliable partner, standing by to help you overcome obstacles, refine your strategies, and seize opportunities. We can help you during surges in workload, through crisis management, through growth project surges or as a “big gun” when you need that extra experience or energy in your project.

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Career Development

Executive Mentoring & Support - What got us here, may not get us there

For Chairs and CEO’s one of the biggest challenges is when key people reach the limit of their current capability. Our Executive Mentoring & Support program is designed to nurture professional growth and enhance the leadership capabilities of your team. Through personalized coaching and skill development, we increase the capability of your team to unleash the full potential of your business and achieve remarkable success in your team’s career path and performance.

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Developing Strategy

Strategy & Tactic Formulation

We find that the best crafted strategic plans are usually messed up by the humans paid to execute it.

Crafting winning strategies is crucial for sustained growth and competitive advantage. We don’t just help you to develop a strategic plan - we help you build strategic capacity in your organization. How to think, how to strategize, how to include stakeholders and how to execute are all skill sets sometimes lacking in teams. A plan to build alignment and cohesion is often the biggest challenge.

Writing and publishing a strategic plan is a small component of your optimal strategy agenda. Developing a strategy that is inclusive/collaborative, realistic but ambitious, inspiring but achievable and written in a way that it can be communicated clearly requires expertise and diligence.

Making sure that the strategy for your organization translates to success on the ground is easy to say - hard to execute.

We collaborate with your team to develop effective strategic plans and tactics that align with your vision, mission, and market dynamics and engage the humans you’re relying on to deliver success.

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Talking At The Highest Level

Board Interaction and Reporting - What is the quality of our talk?

Structured Innovation are meeting effectiveness experts. We can help you to make your Board and Executive meetings work - at your request we can attend your meetings and help to develop your team meeting dynamics. We can help Executive Teams make meetings productive.

Our expertise in board-level meeting preparation and conduct will help reduce risk and optimize performance across the business.

Structured Innovation are board communication experts and can help your executives articulate your vision, showcase progress, and demonstrate your commitment to achieving organizational goals.

We can help Board Members find their voice and make a productive and positive contribution during meetings.

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Reviewing Capacity

Team Development… Will what got us here, get us there? If not what next?

As your business evolves, your team’s capabilities need to evolve too. Our Team Development services assess your current capacity and structure, identifying areas for improvement and helping you build a high-performing, future-ready team. Structured Innovation and our partners can help you manage team transitions, reviewing capability and job descriptions and if it’s not working out, we can support you to performance manage, arrange experts to give you IR advice and support you to have those difficult conversations.

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Balancing Priorities

Ambidextrous Challenge… Leading change whilst preserving what works

What is the role of innovation in your organization? Does interia always win in your business? What happened at Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia and Blackberry that convinced them that innovation was not a priority?

Navigating change while preserving core business as usual strengths can be challenging.

We help you strike the right balance, guiding your organization through transformative phases while safeguarding the elements that have driven past success. How your organization manages innovation is what separates you from the average.

We support you to be agile, to review and continuously improve and to build innovation expertise and discipline into your teams.

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Inspire My Team

Keynote Speaking

Our Keynote Speaking engagements inspire and motivate your team, providing them with fresh perspectives, insights, and a renewed sense of purpose. Our powerful speakers ignite passion and commitment, leaving a lasting impact on your organization.

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